Frequent asked questions for the SQL adapter

Does the SQL adapter automatically close down its connection?

Explanation: The SQL monitor adapter does not close a connection because it has to keep monitoring the target database.

Does BMC Atrium Orchestrator use the SQL adapter to update the metrics table?

Explanation: No, the SQL adapter does not need to be installed or active to communicate with the metrics database.

Does BMC Atrium Orchestrator connect to the metrics table only when there's an update to be made?

Explanation: Yes, BMC Atrium Orchestrator connects to the metrics table depending on the frequency set for metric uploads. Once set, the peer connects to the database to write data even if there are no changes in memory. For example, you could set the frequency to every 30 seconds up to multiple hours.

How can you log connections to Oracle using the adapter and connections made to the metrics table?

Explanation: You can track connections via the adapter by turning the adapter to debug logging. You can track connections to the metrics database by turning the metrics to debug logging. Logging metrics is one of the many components of a peer and can be logged in Grid Manager. Logging depends on exactly what and how you need to track.

Are there any housekeeping tasks that you need to do to clean up dead connections from BMC Atrium Orchestrator?

Explanation: Connections need to be cleaned if something goes wrong, like connectivity issues or a system failure. Normally, no manual cleanup is required.

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