Downloading the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content installation file

The BMC Atrium Orchestrator platform and content installation files are available for download from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website.

You can access this website at To use the website, you need the user name and password that you obtained when you registered and subscribed to Customer Support. To subscribe, you must have a valid Support Contract ID. If you do not know your Support Contract ID, contact

If you do not have a current license for the product, contact your BMC sales representative or your local BMC office or agent. If you cannot download the product, you can request a physical kit.

Installation file

The following table lists the product file to download:

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content

Download this file

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapters

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content 20.14.02

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content consists of Application adapters, Base adapters, Operations Actions Management Modules, and Run Books. You can install any component by using the content installer.

To download the product installation files 

  1. Create a directory in which to place the downloaded files.


    On Windows computers, ensure that the directory is only one level into the directory structure. The EPD package creates a directory in the temporary directory when you extract the files, and the directory that contains the installation image should not be in a directory deeper than two levels into the directory structure.


  2. Go to
  3. Enter your user ID and password, and click Submit.
  4. Click Download Product.

  5. On the New Site Changes page, read the changes made to the EPD site and click Do not remind me again.


    The Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) Site has been updated with several enhancements effective April 12, 2014. Read the changes carefully. If you want to skip this and read about the changes later, click Remind me again.

  6. On the Export Compliance and Access Terms page, provide the required information, agree to the terms of the agreements, and click Continue.
  7. If you are accessing this site for the first time, create an EPD profile; otherwise, skip to step 7:
    1. Under Localized Languages, select the language for the product.
    2. Under Install Platforms, select the platforms to download for the product.
    3. Click Save Profile.
  8. Verify that the correct profile is displayed for your download purpose, and select
    the Licensed Products tab.
  9. On the Licensed Products tab, in the Product Category list, select the check box against the product name, which you want to install.
    For example, to download the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform or Content
    installer, select the Atrium Orchestrator check box. All Atrium Orchestrator components are displayed in the adjacent page. 
  10. Click BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapters.
  11. On the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapters page, from the Version list, select the version that you want to install.
  12. From the Platform list, select the Platform (Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Solaris) on which you want to run the installer.
  13. Click Go.
    The installer links as per the selected platform are displayed.  
  14. Click the Products tab and select the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content <version> check box.
  15. To download the selected items, click Download (FTP) or Download Manager:
    • Download (FTP) places the selected items in an FTP directory, and the
      credentials and FTP instructions are sent to you in an email message.
    • Download Manager enables you to download multiple files consecutively, and to
      resume an interrupted download if the connection drops.
      This method requires a one-time installation of the AkamiNetSession Client
      program on the target computer and is usually the faster and more reliable way to
      transfer files. A checksum is used to verify file integrity automatically.
      Ensure that you download the following files:
    • product files
    • license key information
  16. Using the release information for each product that you download, carefully review the
    installation requirements and prerequisites for your platform.

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