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What's new

This section provides information about what is new or changed in this space, including urgent issues, documentation updates, service packs, and patches. It also provides license entitlement information for the release. For what's new in BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content version 20.13.02, see Version 20.13.02


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February 10, 2014Documentation updated for the supported BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform version.

The BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content 20.13.02 supports the newly released BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform version 7.6.03.

September, 201320.13.02 enhancements

Enhancements available in this release:

  • BMC Installer replaces BMC InstallAnywhere.
  • Support for IT Service Management  (ITSM) version 8.1 Patch 1.
  • New AirWatch adapter.
  • Several enhancements to the VMware Infrastructure adapter.
  • New element <include-expect-header-in-request> added to the HTTP adapter to include or exclude the Expect header in the HTTP PUT and POST actions.

For a detailed list of enhancements, see Version 20.13.02.

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