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Base adapter enhancements in version 20.13.02

The following BMC Atrium Orchestrator base adapters have been enhanced with new features and changes:

Enhancement to the HTTP adapter

You can use the newly added <include-expect-header-in-request> element to include or exclude the Expect header in the HTTP PUT and POST actions. For details, see HTTP adapter request and response for a Post action and HTTP adapter request and response for a Put action

New element added to all the processes in the SFTP terminal adapter module

The new <timeout-secs> element is added to all the processes in the SFTP terminal adapter module. The <timeout-secs> element is applicable for dynamic targets provided only in the adapter request. For details, see SFTP adapter module

New element in the SSH adapter

You can use the <use-shell-mode> element to enable or disable the Shell mode to run the command on a session without specifying the <prompt> element. For details, see Configuring the SSH adapter.

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